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11 October, 2017
Celebrating the First Grand Opening Store of Miranda’s Jewelry and receiving a rain of gift
21 November, 2017
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20/10 – Sending the gift of love


When is the last time you said “I love you” to your mom? As getting older and older, people tend to be more shy when saying loving words to their beloved. Have you ever notice your mom struggling in the kitchen to prepare a meal for the whole family after a long day at work? Certainly we all love our mother, but to find a way to express it is quite difficult. If only you knew that sometimes, our mother just needs a few small words like thank you, or an honest compliment to feel happy.

20/10 is the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude to the most wonderful woman in your life.
Let Miranda’s Silver Jewelry share the love to your precious women by sending them the Vietnamese spiritual-inspired jewelry.

Mirandas’s Jewelry – A little Vietnam to remember!

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