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Bamboo tree and its connection with Vietnamese daily life


Bamboo has long been associated closly with Vietnamese people’s daily life and become the significant symbol of Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamese’s Bamboo

The bamboos are evergreen perennial flowering plants. There are more than 1000 species of bamboo in the world, but in Vietnam, the number of bamboo species are more than 1/3, occuring throughout the country, especially in the countryside.

Bamboos usually have a life-cycle of around 50 to 60 years, has a higher specific compressive strength than other trees, which can resist against strong wind and storm. There is one interesting fact about a bamboo that you might not know is that Bamboos also blosom flowers.

Normally, new bamboos grow up from bamboo shooots at the roots but at infrequent intervals for most speices, the will start to blossom and flower only one time at the end of its life.

Bamboo in Vietnamese people’s daily life

Bamboo has been associated with the Vietnamese farmers long time ago, appears in every daily activities , becomes closly than ever. That’s the reason why, it has also become materials for daily life items. Bamboo tree is also used to build houses and make household equipments such as tables, beds or to produce instruments like flutes, Vietnamese two-chord fiddle, trumpets,…

From familiar values, Bamboo becomes one of the significant symbols of Vietnamese culture

It can be seen that the bravery of Vietnamese and the Vietnamese culture has similar characteristics with the beauty of bamboos. They don’t grow seperately but rather grow together in groups, symbolize the unity of Vietnamese people.

Bamboo trees position themselves in the mind of Vietnamese people as an inspiration for cultural and artistic works
The image of bamboos also appear in poems like “ Vietnamese bamboos” of Thep Moi or Nguyen Duy… in many songs like “May nhip cau tre” of Khanh Bang, in folk dances,…

Stay tune and wait for our new collection which are inspired by Vietnamese Bamboo Trees ! <3

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