18 October, 2017

20/10 – Sending the gift of love

When is the last time you said “I love you” to your mom? As getting older and older, people tend to be more shy when saying […]
11 October, 2017

Miranda’s Jewelry in Paris Fashion Show

For the first time, Miranda’s jewelry has the great opportunity to participate in a big fashion show in Paris. Miranda’s has brought to the stage the […]
16 September, 2017

How to protect your sterling silver jewelry?

We are all fond of jewelry: trendy, original and usually very affordable, we like to wear and change them according to our daily look. In particular, […]
5 September, 2017


Miranda’s Jewelry is a small but chic brand of handmade silver jewelry in Hanoi. Built on the nostalgia of silver jewelry stores in Hoi An, Miranda’s […]
5 September, 2017

Lotus in Vietnamese life

I do not know the lotus has ever since, but from the elderly to the children, from the beginning to know how to love flowers, know […]
28 August, 2017

Functions of sterling silver jewelry

Ancient people say: Wearing silver is like having a companion on health and wealth, that is, it has a positive effect than gold on health. Some […]
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