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9 January, 2018
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You can not miss Etsy if you are a Homemade-aholic


Among famous e-commerce websites in the world, people always think about Amazon or Ebay. But if you are looking for an e-commerce website focused on handmade items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items, Etsy is the perfect choice.

Etsy had over 40 millions users registers as members all over the world and about 12.3 million items in stock. And the online marketplace for handmade, vintage and unique goods, connected million active sellers.
Like others e-commerce website, Etsy provides a global shipping feature. So, if are finding a website which sell handmade gifts created by the most incredible people , Etsy is actually “the paradise”

On the homepage, you can see that the toolbars are easy to use, including: a list of options on the side of the hompage for the buyers, sellers, registers; items are divided into 2 main types: handmade, vintage and suppliers.
The option lists are designed clearly, along with price lists, products information and delivery costs. Beside that, Esty also supported variety payment methods.

To meet the the trend of buying traditionally desgined , Miranda’s Jewelry is now on Etsy and also provide global shipping feature.

Miranda’s offers you unique 925 silver accessories which are influenced by familiar symbol of Vietnam like Lotus , Conical hat or Cyclo, “Lac Viet” birds,…

Find out delicate jewelry on Etsy here:


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