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12 January, 2018
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A close look at the new Miss Congeniality of Miss Universe Vietnam


A charming Eastern beauty A heavily Eastern-influenced charming beauty, Miss Ngoc Anh (Ngoc Anh Nana) is a promising candidate in Miss Universe Vietnam 2017. Born in 1993 in Hanoi, Ngoc Anh studied tourism and hospitality in University of Education. She was ranked 1st by Missosology, a popular beauty ranking website, for her graceful, charming beauty and assertive manner.

In Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 Finale last night, Luu Nga, Elise’s founder and also fashion advisor of the Judgment Council, announced and rewarded Miss Ngoc Anh as Miss Congeniality , an honorable and worthy title for her efforts.

Ever since childhood, Ngoc Anh Nana has shown a deep interest in books and traveling. She therefore decided to choose Tourism and Hospitality as her major.

Ngoc Anh is now an University of Education graduated and a free model. The occupation has opened up to her new opportunities to travel to myriad places and meet new people. More importantly, it has given her knowledge of different areas and regions within Vietnam.

Therefore, to show the beauty of Vietnam internationally has become her purpose to participate in Miss Universe Vietnam 2017. Coming to such a huge competition as Miss Universe 2017, Ngoc Anh works very hard.

Aside from simply display her charming beauty, she wants to reach to the people’s hearts by bringing positivity, optimism and confidence to the table. For that reason, Ngoc Anh strives to learn about everything around her on a regular basis. Before participating in MUV 2017, Ngoc Anh Nana has joined in many community activities.

While taking part in those, Ngoc Anh has shown that she is confident, enthusiastic and has the ability to arrange and manage groups very well. It is not difficult to see that, in many challenges in the reality series “I am Miss Universe Vietnam,” Ngoc Anh’s groups always placed very high in community activities, mostly 1st and 2nd.

From this achievement, Ngoc Anh realized that she stood out from other candidates by her confidence and proactiveness, making her a unique beauty in the competition. Miranda’s Jewelry congratulates Ngoc Anh Nana for having surpassed many other candidates to claim the worthy title. Ngoc Anh’s shining and performing well is an honor for us and the traditional silver jewelry made by Miranda’s.

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