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Functions of sterling silver jewelry


Ancient people say: Wearing silver is like having a companion on health and wealth, that is, it has a positive effect than gold on health. Some of the typical silver effects are:

  1. Silver has strong antibiotic properties and effective disinfection. It helps against some bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  2. Silver can balance other elements in the body.
  3. Silver helps to elastic blood vessels, which are important for bone formation and healing scar, formation and skin regeneration.
  4. Some studies have shown that wearing silver rings can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.
  5. Silver can help get rid of heat quickly, so you will see that they help prevent some diseases.
  6. Silver reacts to the toxicity, helping it to change color. When encountered some toxic substance, it will turn into black or other color. So you can use silver to check for toxic substances.

Wearing sterling silver jewelry is beneficial, but it really works when you choose the right product with good quality. If you have to buy silver doped impurities, bad quality contains substances dangerous to the body such as lead, cadmium not only hurt the skin but also adversely affect the health of users.

Therefore, you should choose to buy jewelry at the brand reputable. In addition, silver jewelry need to be cleaned frequently to increase the antibacterial power of the user. If customers buy sterling silver jewelry at Miranda’s Jewelry, all products are lighted guarantee eternal.

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