A visit to a handmade silver shop in Hoi An with my daughter on New Year 2016 has rekindled my interest and hope to have a similar silver workshop in Hanoi. Together with a co-founder, Quynh, we began to spend time studying silver and developing the idea of ​​silver products bearing Vietnamese cultural symbols for foreigners especially – something no one has ever done before.
After a year and a half of working hard, exploring the current market, as well as designing products and most importantly, nourishing my love for silver that has formed in me a long time ago, I decided to start a company under the name of my daughter, Miranda. In 2017, Miranda's was born with the first collections associated with the beautiful features of Vietnamese culture produced by modern and professional production lines. These are familiar images related to the daily life of the Vietnamese in the past, such as lotus, conical hats, cyclo, ... With these design from Miranda's, we wish to connect those precious reminiscences with a more modern and busier life of Vietnam in the 21st century.
In the future, Miranda's will continue to promote the culture through exquisite and delicate products, with the hope to not only bring the pride and honor for the Vietnamese with every use, but also help the visitors remember our beautiful country, where there is a long-standing culture that is worthy of respect.

A little Vietnam to remember.
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