19 August, 2017
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26 August, 2017
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Non La – Vietnamese Conical Hat



To all our special friends. Miranda’s gives insight into some of our unique creations:
Non La – Vietnamese Conical Hat. Our first ideas danced towards a very reconisable traditional custom Vietnamese hat used in many walks of life throughout Vietnam; Non La was to be the focal point of of first collection .When you wander the bustling streets or throught the paddy field filled countryside, Non La, The white conical hat catches your attention! Non La personifies Viet Nam.

Conically shaped and made from straw Non La is kept on the head by a silk cloth chin strap Non La particularly suited to farmers in Vietnam’s tropical to monsoonal climate keeps the piercing sunshine rays and driving rain out of their faces whilst they work their lands. It can be used as a basin, or bowl to contain water to quench their thirst, as a fan in the stiffilling heat and as a basket to gather their vegetables.

Veiling their kisses behind their Non La, young romantic couples share their intimate moments away from others.

Non La is for all class and generations. It was born for all Vietnamese and now through Miranda’s Vietnamese Sterling silver hat collection: rings, earrings and bangles, Miranda’s has a strongly desire to introduce our culture to the rest of the world.

“A little Vietnam to remember“!

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