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Visit the oldest village making Conical Hat: Chuong Village


Conical hat is a product of unique culture of each region. Conical hats in each locality have its own nuance. Chuong is the most famous conical hat (Non la) making village in northern Vietnam.

Where is the Chuong village?
“Lang Chuong” is located in Phuong Trung commune, Thanh Oai District, Ha Noi, next to the “Đáy” river. It is well-known for its 300 years of making traditional craft: “nón” – council hat through generations. Therefore, the qualitiy of “Chuông” Village’s concial hat still keep its original charactericstic as it was in the beginning : steady – strong – durable – dedicate – nice.

What makes “Chuông” Village so special ?
In the past, Chuông village was famous for the various concial hats type, using for different class like : “Non Ba Tam” for ladies, “Non Nho”, “Non Long”, “Non dau”, “Non Chop” for gentleman. But over these past 70 years, “Chuong” Village made only one type of conical hat in order to adapt to the modern life.

A conical hat made in Chuong Village has to go through 10 steps including Rubbing green palm leaves, Dry leaves in the sunshine, Spread leaves, and so on.
Importing material is the most important step, because to keep the color of the hat, leaves should be import from Quang Binh. Then they have to do 2 – 3 more steps before 10 main steps.
Touching a completed conical hat of Chuong Village, you may feel the different between a conical hat that made in other places by these features: fragrant, soft, strong and delicate.

Visiting “Chuong” Village
“Chuong” village is about 30km from center of Ha Noi, so you can easily go there by motorbike. From Ha Noi, just go along the Highway 6 to Hoa Binh, cross the Ba La crossroads, then turn left along the road to Huong Temple, cross the Kim Bai town about 2km then turn right at the crossroads

If you don’t want to go by motorbike, you can get there by bus number 78. When you arrive the Phuong Trung commune you can ask the local people.
Travel to Chuong Village, you should choose a suitable day to understand all the interesting things here. Occasionlly, they held ‘Conical hat markets’ in mornings of 4th – 10th – 14th – 20th – 14th and 30th every Lunar Month.

In conclusion, this is the best place to discover and experience a part of Vietnamese culture.

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