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Pantone has just picked its color of the year for 2018 and it is Vivid purple, it’s very much on the bluer end of purples and violets.

If the color of the year 2017 was Greenery – which is represents for the healthy lifestyle, so now Pantone (The Pantone Color Institue ) has finally announced the color might become a design trend in 2018 and it is a vibrant shade called “PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet”.

The 2017’s color – Greenery

PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet means ultraviolet ray – a kind of ray that you can not see by your own eyes. That’s why this name suggests a mesmerizing and mysterious color, represents for the infinite ability of creating art . And it is even compared as the God of Beauty.

It was a long journey of Pantone’s experts together travel all around the world to analysed the culture, food, fashion, designer, techonology,… of every country. They have disocvered that purple has shown almost everywhere : At the Geneva Car Exhibition, along the runway, in the story about health, in meditation rooms, on cosmetic products, and even on the filtered pictures on Instagram.

They have disocvered that purple has shown almost everywhere

Becoming the color of the year, it means that purple will be appeared in fashion and interior design trend in 2018, and it also reflected “what the world needs” – Laurie Pressman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institue Purple is a feminine, graceful, elegant color that has long been associated with refined, wealthy women.

And purple is also the main color of Miranda’s Jewerlry, with a messengers to the Beauty that: Be charming, be bright like the sparkling jewerly.

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